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The life style is changing ...


Formulated with 100% Organic ingredients enhanced with gastronomic texture and fragrance, smells good enough to eat.

In recent years, it's been apparent everyone is more and more committed to a healthy lifestyle and paying more attention to their quality of life ...

Consumers are increasingly careful and aware. Therefore they tend to choose more organic and natural effective products.

I am so excited to introduce ORGANIC NATURAL ACTIVE SKINCARE products and two types of Facials from Diego Dalla Palma Italy.

Dandelion & Orange Blossom
Anti-Aging Facial - echinacea and black cumin

The strength of our treatment:

Oxygen Flow from the Organic Nasturtium Flower, rich in iron and vitamin C, provides energy delaying skin ageing.

Freshly picked organic cold pressed Dandelion Flower Juice rich in anti oxidants and vitamins to protect the skin from external attack and free radicals to delay the ageing process.

Pure Echinacea Extract slows down skin’s ageing process and fights inflammation that leads to ageing, protects against pollution and repairs damage.

Black Cumin ( cold pressed from Nigella Sativa seeds from Sicily) nourishes the skin and protects it from free radicals, stress, pollution and ageing.

All new products by Diego Dalla Palma
Jelly Scrub
Nectar Serum
Nectar Serum
Soufflé Cream
Soufflé Cream